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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have tons of questions about working with DevOn. All your questions are answered briefly below.

A. Has the Pandemic affected the working conditions at DevOn?

The Pandemic has affected us in many ways.

  • Our employees' physical and mental well-being is of foremost importance to us during these trying times.
  • While we are not physically working from different location offices, however, all our employees continue to work from home as per their flexibility.
  • We have ensured that all our employees were given added insurance coverage for them and their families, home care treatment, flexible leaves, arranging counselling sessions for all our employees, vaccination drives, and creating helplines to help them battle any COVID situation.

B. What are the working hours every week?

  • The entire team, irrespective of the region, works for 42.5 hours every week from Monday to Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday are weekly offs.
  • We do not encourage extended working hours as we believe the essence of productivity lies in time-management and working within the required timelines.

C. What is the primary interview language at DevOn?

  • Since we have offices in different regions of the world and we like to maintain uniformity in our interview processes our primary interview language is English.
  • Majority of our clients are from the Netherlands and other foreign countries and that is why we like to maintain a transparent medium of communication.

D. Where does DevOn have its offices?

We have our offices in the Netherlands, India (Bangalore & Gurugram, Poland, and the UK. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands. We have a perfect amalgamation of Indian and the Dutch culture.

E. How does DevOn promote self-development and personal growth?

  • We believe in facilitating and promoting self-development by incorporating the Ikigai thought-process and ideology.
  • We help every employee to find and define their purpose and align them with their personal and professional goals
  • We organize regular workshops and wellness sessions to help employees discover their inner passions and declutter their thoughts.
  • It helps everyone to become a better version of themselves. 
  • You can rely on support from your leaders and the HR team to discuss your development plans.
  • You also get an opportunity to speak at internal events, such as Tech Talks, webinars, workshops, and other company initiatives.

F. How long is the recruitment process at DevOn?

  • We are very thorough with our interview process and to ensure quality, we have almost six levels of discussion for most positions, if not all.
  • The duration of the process can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks.
  • Once the offer is rolled out, we expect an offer acceptance within 2 working days.
  • However, in case of any exigency, we may extend the duration.

G. Can I work remotely?

  • We are eager to have you come to work physically from a location. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working remotely until the end of 2021.
  • From the New Year or beginning of 2022, we plan to start working in a hybrid model.

H. How does DevOn define the career path?

  • We maintain an Agile approach to your career and growth path. You can grow as much, as fast as you want. 
  • You decide which path you want to take as we have personalized opportunities for growth based on your experience level. 
  • We believe learning never stops and there is always room for development. 
  • During the offer presentation stage, we take you through a guided tour of the organizational structure, the individual growth paths, CTC slabs, and a clear overview of your growth. 

We love to keep things simple and transparent to ensure you know everything before you come on board. 

I. What is the onboarding process at DevOn?

Once you accept the offer, the HR team takes you through a detailed on-boarding process to acquaint you with the working culture and ‘way of work’ (WoW) at DevOn. 

  • Nearly two weeks before joining, you will receive a detailed joining kit from the organization highlighting every aspect of the company. 
  • We give you an idea of the tentative date of delivery of your laptop, contract, and other material. 
  • You undergo a detailed week-long induction program that allows every new employee to get a first-hand feel of the company culture and values, introduction to Agile and Scrum, Business communication, Technical sessions, DevOps, and the Dutch culture. 
  • A mentor will act as your buddy and go-to person for support during the first month of your work. They will be responsible to introduce you to the team and take you through the onboarding process.* 
  • Due to the pandemic, our entire onboarding process is virtual. We have an exclusive forum for employees to interact over short meetings with each other and get to know other people in the department. 

J. Can I expand my knowledge and skills while working at DevOn? Does DevOn provide any such opportunities?

Yes, we have continuous learning opportunities at DevOn for all employees.

  • We value knowledge-sharing and encourage employees to participate in different workshops and webinars to increase their knowledge.
  • We have access to internal blogs, e-books, regularly organized courses, etc. to help you expand and upskill yourself.